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Trapped in a dream

that's becoming a nightmare

..., 1984, 6th sense, a perfect circle, alchemist, amon amarth, animals, anthropology, apocalyptica, aqme, beautiful days, beauty and the beast, beer, being alone, belgium, beruriers noirs, black folk metal, bob marley, boys, bulgaria, candles, chatting, children of bodom, chocolate, crazyness, dark tranquillity, darkness, daron malakian, documentaries, dreadlocks, dreaming, dreams, ensiferum, escaping, eths, expressing myself, eyes, fallen angels, feeling unstoppable, finntroll, folk metal, forests, free culture, free thinking, freedom, frozen lakes, graffiti, grunge, guitar, hardcore, harry potter, heavy metal, hiking, hugs, human rights, ice cream, iceland, in flames, ireland, john lennon, kotiteollisuus, kurt cobain, l'ame immortelle, lac gelés, lacuna coil, languages, late night walks, laughter, lord of the rings, loud music, love, machine head, max cavalera, meaningful conversations, megadeth, metal, metallica, moonsorrow, moonspell, movies, music, mystery, nature, night, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, no war, odd, our lady peace, peace, pearl jam, philosophy, pink floyd, piège à rêves, politics, psychology, puddle of mudd, rainy days, rammstein, reading, red hot chili peppers, rem, rock, roller blading, saez, sepultura, serj tankian, shavo odadjian, shrek, shyamalan, skid row, sleep, sleeping, snow, soulfly, space, stars, strange days, sunsets, symphonic metal, system of a down, talking, taproot, the beatles, the dresden dolls, the night life, the world, therion, thursday, travel, tv, useless facts, vans, vikings, walking, water, weird, weirdness, whispers, winter, words, writing, ,